S C O T T I S H P I G * P R E S E N T S

Right... a "texture generator" for our favourite text-based render? Well, I'm coming up with one. As I type this page, it's still in it's very beginnings. The interface has come along nicely though, but it's not as functional as It'll be when it's first released.

I assume you'd like to see what I have so far, and here it is:

Our main screen... The "Finish Settings" replaces the nasty finish{...} block

I'm really not all that worried about looks, but as long as there's a GTK library out there behind me, I don't much care about it- the GTK library looks good enough.

As far as the Operating Systems go.. I've said that it was OS independent. I should have been more specific to say that "As long as your operating system supports GTK (i.e. it can run the XChat) this will work fine" However, this, in itself, is incorrect, as there are windows systems that run other GTK programs and don't run Xchat. I was going to include the Gimp as an example, but that's even less stable on windows, so I won't go there.

Also reguarding the operating systems: IF you are to use windows, be WARNED that there WILL be a seperate release for windows. This is due to the different directory structures betweens Windows (any windows) and *nix.

As of now, there aren't any releases, but the interface is getting there. The originalhad a few problems. Since 0.0.1, I've added some preview options, which are still interface only, but they'll be functional soon enough. I'm working on the interface first, which is where I'll have some troubles, and THEN I'll move onto the simple .inc generation stuff.

There is no functionality to this program quite yet, but it's getting there. I WON'T LET THIS PROJECT DIE! I STRONGLY recommend you email me at dapigg2000@yahoo.com (I hate a href-ing stuff for email, but it makes it easier for you dudes who use mail clients....) for ANY comments or suggestions or if you want to rant and rave about my wasting my time...

This project is distributed under the GPL, feel free to do to it as you please.

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